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About Us

 When Bob and Kit Champlin dug out a used, beaten up ten gallon tank from Kit’s parents’ attic, they had no way to predict what it would start. Two years later and one tank turned into twelve, then into a staggering 50+ as Bob began his own fish breeding business, selling to pet stores.  In 1975 Bob, Kit and a partner bought a little pet store named Critter Hut. Fast forward to the 1980′s, Bob and Kit bought out their partner and began their 100% ownership of Critter Hut. Located first in a little red house on Main Street in Wakefield, Bob and Kit began building a reputation for great customer service, healthy animals, and a great place to shop for your pets’ needs.

Fast forward another few years (and 3 children) later, Critter Hut moved to the center of Wakefield, into the Heritage Mall. Growing up, all three sons- Chris, Will, and Jeff – worked at the store. All would leave for other jobs, but the pull of the family business would prove to be too strong, and all would eventually return. In 2002, Critter Hut faced a problem with location as the building that they were then in was being fought over by Brooks Pharmacy and CVS. CVS won, requiring the whole building. Bob and Kit moved the store to Salt Pond Plaza in Narragansett. Leaping ahead to 2017, Bob and Kit  retired and Critter Hut has moved once more, now in the current location within the Wakefield Mall, 160 Old Tower Hill Road.  Here, their sons Chris and Jeff now run the store, with support from their families and staff.  

 As of now Critter Hut has been family owned and operated for over 45 years, and offers cat, dog, fish, bird ( wild, domestic, and exotic) reptile, small animal and hobby farm supplies. While Critter Hut has a wide assortment of  tropical freshwater and saltwater fish, reptiles, and small animals, they work diligently to support local animal shelters and have never sold cats or dogs. The Critter Hut Crew’s desire is to supply their customers with the best possible knowledge and customer service, which is why so many customers become like family. Stop in and meet the family today!

Check out our favorite organization here in Rhode Island, Animal Rescue Rhode Island! This organization provides great services and you can be a part of it too by volunteering or donating today.